Hectic Trip, Great Fun

July 4th



     After a four hour flight we arrived in Houston. Relieved we raced towards the nearest breakfast place. To my utter distress after placing our order my dad realizes that we have no American money. He charges off to find an ATM machine while I entertain the ever growing line up behind the  me.

     Half an hour later the line behind me stretches two times around the airport, finally to my relief my dad saunters into the food court, triumphantly grinning, with  money in hand. After eating a breakfast of bacon, toast, eggs and bagels we waddle across the airport to our boarding gate- "E-2".

     When we finally find our boarding gate we are met with promises of delays on the dusty departure board. Groaning I settle into the worn-out chair. After spending eternity in the same stinking chair the flight attendants finally decided to open the gate.

     Sitting on the plane that will take my dad and me to Guatemala. I'm constantly fighting a battle with air pressure, yawning like there no tomorrow. The Guatemalan sitting beside me looks at me like I'm a  Martian with three legs and hair sprouting out of my eye-balls. I bury my face in a book.

     It felt like "Victory Day" all over again as my dad and I are greeted by our home stay family. After the long, bumpy and sketchy ride down the cobbled roads my bottom was greatly relieved to be up and about again.

     Upon entering the house all your seances sharpen and awaken, you suddenly feel like a small ant with the shadow of a boot closing in on you. Gasping I devour the scene before me with my eyes. I'm standing in an immense courtyard with just about every specie of flora flowering before my eyes, parrots circle over head screeching welcoming phrases in just above every language.

     Meeting the head of house-Miguel quickly brought me back to my senses, he asks me if I understand Spanish. Feeling very lucky I confidentially respond-"Sì señor!!", seconds later I regret my boldness as ten questions in Spanish are fired at me in rapid succession within a time frame of 5 seconds. Shocked i'm able to compose myself enough to mutter a couple sí's in a Russian accent. Thoroughly embarrassed I slip away into my room, the beauty surrounding me forgotten.

     An hour later my dad and I leave from our rooms freshly dressed and fit to rule the world. We saunter down the street to a Spanish school. After signing up my dad walks out of the administrators office and proudly announces, with a scary glint in his eyes, that he has signed us up for Four hours a day of Spanish school for the next month...Shocked I do the math, I realize I will be spending more then 120 hours learning Spanish in the next month. Muscles suddenly aching we set off to find something to eat.

     Ten minuets later we we casually stroll into a very posh restaurant wearing Ray-Bans and Rolex's. Grinning my dad hails the closest waiter, the waiter looks at us like we are mental patients and speed walks away. Infuriated my dad charges of to find the management. Several minutes later he hobbles back looking very pale, and announces to me in a grave voice that we are sitting in a McDonald's. Genuinely worried I rushed of to buy a thermometer, only on the way back did I notice the golden M painted discretely on a yellow background.

     My brain tries to comprehend this turn of events- McDonald's has suddenly acquired a sense of style- the ceiling, 4 meters above my head, is painted with almost a perfect replica of the Sistine Chapel. I'm surrounded on all sides with sculptures of cherubs and angels. I once again question my sanity.

     Staggering out of McDonald's rubbing our tummies my dad and I set of towards the flee market on the other side of town. Unfortunately before reaching the market god decide to drop his bladder on us. Blinded, staggering through the rain we get lost three times before we finally made it back to our host families house. Crawling into my own room like a living casualty I collapse to the floor, the last of my strength leaving me.



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