Hectic Trip, Great Fun
I wake up today at 5 am, red eyed with blurry vision. I stumble towards the washroom blind. Instead of finding the bathroom door I find empty space, that's when I remember that there is no door to the bathroom, but I realized to late as my head thumped onto the bathroom floor.

I stand up carefully like a cow on ice, my thoughts all oozy. Finally I find the sink and wash my face of all impurities. Now feeling like an angel I bark at my dad telling him that he has to get up or else.....or else we will be late for the bus.

I drift down to breakfast with my dad, but since it's five in the morning no one besides my dad and I are awake so we have to resort to grabbing some stale cookies from the pantry.

Choking cookies down my throat I hop along the cobbled road still trying to tug on one of my shoes. My dad suddenly lets out a piercing shriek. Turns out he forgot our tickets. Sighing I impatiently wait as my dad charges of to get our tickets. My eyes dart from side to side as I scan for dangers lurking in the dark, I almost kill an innocent Guatemalan with my roar of defiance as he rounds the corner. Shrinking below me he shuffles away sniffling and moaning to himself.

Feeling much safer I lift my chin up high and wait for my dad. When my dad finally runs up to me huffing and puffing I hear police sirens in the distance, hoping they are not coming for me I turn up my collar, hunch over and discreetly walk in the shadows towards the school, I tell my dad to do likewise.

Finally at the school we quietly tiptoe up behind some fellow students and whispere in there ears to not scare them-"Hola". Unfortunately this didn't work because they jumped half way to mars from fright, screaming the whole way.

After settling down we squished into the mini van like sardines, theres so much pressure being applied to our bodies that our eyes are boggling out our heads. My dad was smart enough to buy sleeping pills before our trip, I gladly accepted the pills and am out cold, tongue lolling out the side of my mouth before the key is in the ignition.

I dive into the cool green water in lake Atitlan , the water streaming by my face. Suddenly I'm trapped in an old fishing line, I struggle to get out, finally free I look around, shocked I let out a silent scream as huge jaws and mocking eyes close in on me.

I wake up panting like a lap dog, familiar people stare at me with concerned faces, all of them are plugging their ears. My hand quickly darts up to my face to wipe off the drool.cOne man mumbles under his breath that I have FUBARed his hearing. Upon inquiring the meaning of the word an awkward silence commences.

To my relief a young boy breaks the silence with a forced laugh, relived everyone laughs along.

We pile out of our bus and head of to our hotels. At the hotel I fall onto my bed  and surrender to my unmerciful dreams.
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